Warner brother type photography

Social media, magazines, photography sites etc  are inundated with photos that literally jump off the page and shout “Look at me !!”  It would seem the louder the photo the better, the more absolute clarity in all sections of the photos the better, and the more “pop” the photo has  due to processing the better.  People love them and I am not criticising these people.  I too like images with vibrant colours and a “contrasty” look some of the time, but not all of the time. I ask myself do these photo suit the scene? and if so then so be it.

Not all scenes lend themselves to this look and we as viewers need to think from time to time about the print . What would my photo look like as a large print ??  What would it look like on a wall or in your own home?? Does it convey the mood of the landscape or area?? Recently I reviewed my A2 and A3 prints and ranked them according to preference.  My favourites were clearly the more subtle images with a range of tones and textures and muted colours.  They were prints that had a certain depth and individual personality.  So to end this short blog I am suggesting think about the scene and

Bamburgh blues
Bamburgh blues

the mood of the place before you process and just maybe you will get a better image.

River Chet Morning
River Chet morning