Take A View’s Landscape Photographer Of The Year Awards


Ruth’s image Incoming Tide Aird Near Torrisdale has been commended by the judges and has won a place in the Awards book and at the London exhibition.

Incoming tide at Aird near Torrisdale
Incoming tide at Aird near Torrisdale

The Sunday Times Magazine will be the first to show their selection from all the successful images on 18th October, followed by a feature in Amateur Photographer (Cover date: 7th November). A full list of winners will be added to the Take A View website in the week commencing 19/10. The book – Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 9 – is published on October 19th.

Scottish Nature Photography Awards

Runner SEA&COASTI am really pleased that as well as coming second in the Sea and coast category, I was also shortlisted for the Natural Abstract category.
You can find the Loch Eriboll Blues photo which came second on my home page and the Natural Abstract photo- The Tuft- in my Natural Abstract gallery.
I am also delighted this year to have photos published in the Guardian Newspaper on their weather pages.

I am beginning to use alongside my Nikon 800e, my much lighter but nontheless very effective Fuji X1 pro with a Fuji 10-24mm lense. It is taking a bit of getting used to as all is much smaller in terms of controls etc but it is a great camera and I would urge anyone wanting a small mirrorless piece of equipment to consider this most seriously.