February Spotlight- Mist and Fog

Fog and mist is loved by many photographers, and for very good reasons. It creates ephemeral conditions, and often creates a sense of mystery and romance. However, many cameras can have problems with auto focus so best to manual focus and also it’s best to focus 1 stop+ when shooting in mist and fog.

Mist at Faskally – Scotland
Faskally wonder – Perthshire
Off centre
Off centre Near West Burton Yorkshire
Shrouded in Perthshire – Scotland
Pale Pyes – Loddon Norfolk
Veiled Rannoch
Veiled Rannoch Moor – Scotland
Foggy flight Snape Suffolk
Spring blossom Hardley Norfolk
Two trees Hardley Norfolk
Reedham September Dawn Norfolk
Frost and Tree Dawn near Thetford Norfolk
Winter Sunset Bacton Norfolk