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37 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Fantastic artist. I have had the pleasure of attending 2 presentations given by Ruth to Norwich & District Photographic Society. An honour to listen to Ruth and to view her landscape work with other dedicated photographers.


  2. Your atmospheric photo of Pyes Mill, which I saw in the Guardian, inspired me to paint my own version in oils.The strength of the photo was not just the view, but in the feeling it conveyed and that’s what I tried to capture.


  3. What an amazing collection, absolutely stunning! My favourite has to be ‘Avenue in autumn’.
    Will be showing these to my youngest who will be astounded!


  4. I can honestly say I am blown away by the beauty in you photos. obviously I went straight to Wales and cant believe how you have captured the mood as well as the beauty. As a total beginner, you have inspired me, although I could not achieve this standard I at least now know what can be done. Cant wait to see more, and looking forward to your return to North Wales.


  5. What a beautifully clean website & great work. Makes you realise how lucky we are to live in such beautiful landscapes – (with the right weather, perfect light and viewed from a perfectly chosen angle.) Look forward to seeing where your camera takes you next!


  6. Ruth, what a talent and an eye for natural beauty. Wishing I had not looked at these during term time. Roll on the holidays, when I can walk and relax in such idyllic places. Please keep publishing your photos so we can all enjoy albeit virtually.


  7. Ruth
    Your photography is truly amazing!
    I love the way you capture the sky in your coastal photographs and emphasise the smallest of detail – the ripples in the sand, the waves, pebbles.
    Congratulations on all your achievements – you truly deserve a 1st soon!
    Good luck!
    Liz Burgess


  8. Absolutely wonderful collections, you should be very proud of these Ruth, you’ve developed a real gift for finding beautiful landscapes and capturing the fullness of that beauty in your photography. Amazing!


  9. Congratulations on your most impressive and classy web site, which is also user friendly It is already stored into my Favorites menu.. A lovely way to show others your wide range of most impressive photography.It is obvious that you do not mind early starts to your day in order to capture the right light! Your selection from Scotland is my favorite and you have captured well the wildness and atmosphere of the far north.
    I also like the rather quirky hedge and tree from East Anglia!
    Well done on your awards and recent publications.
    Keep up the good work,


  10. Hello Ruth,

    I really enjoy your photographs and I would like to invite you to take part in a project.
    I’m working on a documentary for the Franco‐German public TV‐channel ARTE that launches a new campaign – Operation : Climate ‐ to rise awareness about climate change and draw attention from decision‐makers. We are giving the opportunity to citizens from all over Europe to record short videos of their own little natural paradise, this natural places they have been growing with and they do not want to be affected and destroyed by the collateral effects of climate change. The movie will be a poetic panorama of hidden beauty scattered all over Europe.
    This is our website:

    If you have any question please be free to contact me.
    Best regards,


  11. Stunning Ruth; absolutely stunning. You have captured a vivid sense of awe and wonder about the places featured. It makes me want to go on a very long journey!


  12. Not only are you an outstanding educational consultant but also photographer. Needless to say, I went straight for the Lake District shots, but was also blown away by all of your work. I love the Loch Eriboll shot.


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