January Spotlight- Snow

I’ve chosen snow as the theme for this month’s spotlight because in the UK we are getting less and less of it, even in the most northern parts of Scotland. In addition there are very few landscape photographers who do not love a snowy landscape. For those of you that dont shoot snow often, a tip which is worth following is to expose to the right as otherwise the sensor can record the snowy scene as a dirty grey one. The pictures below are taken in the UK and in Norway where I hope to return in 2022. If you are lucky enough to see snow this 2021 enjoy!

Snowing at Loch Dunmore
Snowing at Loch Dunmore Scotland
In the bleak mid winter
In the bleak mid winter Scotland
Lecht trees
Lecht trees Scotland
Chedgrave drifts
Chedgrave drifts Norfolk
Early evening light
Early evening light Senja Norway
Snow Beach, Senja Norway
Glow pool Lofoten Norway
Snow sunrise
Snow sunrise Lofoten Norway
Magical – Loch Dunmore Scotland
All in a row Hardley Norfolk
Loch a’ Chroisg Scotland
Rock and ice sunset Senja Norway
Mirror mirror – Loc a’ Chroisg Scotland