May/June Spotlight- Long Exposures

Long exposure photography using different strengths or stops in neutral density filters can produce amazing results. You need good quality neutral density filters that do not leave a colour cast and of course a sturdy tripod. Exposures can be anything between a second and many minutes. The longer the shutter is open the longer the exposure, and the smoother the water is or there is more movement in the clouds etc . I love LE at the coast as you can see from the shot below. These shots were taken with either Nikon DSLR or Fuji mirrorless camera.

Defences sunset Caister
Defences sunset Caister Norfolk
Winterton Brooding Norfolk
Nairn late summer sunset Scotland
Triangles Isle of Lewis
Leading line
Leading line Norfolk
Thornham Tidal Flooding
Thornham Tidal Flooding Norfolk
Heacham beach Autumn sunset
Heacham beach Autumn sunset Norfolk
High tide Hunstanton Norfolk
Veins of the sea – Hunstanton Norfolk
Ross sands, Northumberland
Junipers at Slatterdale -mono
Junipers at Slatterdale – Scotland
Ballyhillion beach
Ballyhillion beach, Donegal, Ireland