August Spotlight-Waterfalls

Each month a new focus will feature on this page. August’s spotlight gallery looks at waterfalls. So, a few tips when photographing waterfalls:

  1. Use a strong sturdy tripod as you will be using low shutter speeds.
  2. Use neutral density filters to slow down the movement of the water. A good exposure which keeps some texture in the water is about 4 seconds. If you want a candy-floss effect you will need shutter speeds in excess of 15 seconds.
  3. Photograph waterfalls in overcast or even rainy weather but keep a cloth handy to wipe filters and lenses! Don’t shoot in bright sunlight as you can get hot-spots and glare.
  4. Try to capture the motion of the waterfall as well as the shapes and the textures.
  5. Check you don’t over-expose so use your histogram.
Hardraw force
Hardraw force -Yorkshire
Small falls near Ardheslaig
Small falls near Ardheslaig -Scotland

Assynt falls -Scotland
Menace of the falls
Menace of the falls -Scotland
Russels Burn
Russells Burn -Scotland
Aird Uig Cliff Fall – Isle of Lewis
Waterfall sheen -Scotland
Cray In the Mist -Yorkshire
Veiled -Yorkshire
Harmby Fall -Yorkshire