Forthcoming exhibition 22-28th August 2019  Landscape visions at Artspace Woodbridge Suffolk.

Landscape visions is a joint exhibition exploring the landscape through painting and photography.  Both Ruth Grindrod and Caroline Evans will explore the rapidly changing landscape in relation to weather, climate and physical features of the earth. Ruth is an award winner landscape photographer and Caroline a painter.  In this exhibition Ruth and Caroline seek a dialogue between the photographs and paintings, each creating in their own independent style, and forming an exposition which challenges and engages the observer.    Caroline is an abstract expressionist painter who has an MA in Fine Art


Elemental ­– 18th October to 24th October

Solo exhibition to be held at The Aldeburgh Gallery

An exhibition of Ruth’s landscape photography from the UK and beyond that focuses on the interplay between the elements as they transform the landscape. The photographs will show how the elements influence not only the physicality of the landscape but also our emotional response to it.

Private viewing on the 19th of October between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

Link to  The Aldeburgh Gallery  website.

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